Jenny Syratchev - Massage therapy for your horse in the Geneva region

Jenny has experience working with competition horses in the following fields:
breeding, training, preparing horses for competition (dressage, show jumping and eventing) but also in animal communication and Reiki distance healing and remote energy sessions.

Jenny is a Certified ‘Equissage Europe’ Equine Sports Massage Therapist and member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists (IAAMT).

Jenny Syratchev

Jenny Syratchev


The Benefits of Equine
Sports Massage

Enhances muscle tone
Increases range of movement
Assists in body balance, as the body is treated as a whole
Promotes healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles and by carrying away excessive fluids and toxins in the lymph and circulatory systems
Creates a positive effect on the contract and release process of individual muscles
Helps to produce endorphins which are natural pain killers
Helps to maintain the whole body in better physical condition

It is a good anaerobic workout and is enjoyable for the horse. Massage offers gentle, progressive relief and is especially useful in smoothing out old injuries that inhibit free motion.

N.B. Equine massage does not replace veterinary care.
Please consult you veterinarian prior to booking an appointment.


My horse loves her regular massages with Jenny. She is so in tune with her both physically and emotionally! As a rider, I find it extremely useful to know whether a horse has tightness or stiffness somewhere - it helps me to understand and modify their work and can avoid a minor problem becoming major.
Heidi C.

I have known Jenny for several years now, even before she qualified as an Equine massage therapist…her warm and bubbly personality make her someone very interesting to talk to and her past experience with horses (care, training and competition) have made her become a reference to me over the years. When Jenny announced that she was going to train to be a massage therapist, I could not have hoped for a more suited person. Jenny truly has a gift – the connection she makes when treating a horse, as well as what she is able to feel and communicate through her hands make her an exceptional therapist and person. She not only treats the horse, but takes into account the rider/owner – the connection between the horse and rider/owner is an important aspect of her treatment. I am an active amateur rider with two horses, one is semi-retired (no more competitive riding, only hacks) and the other is a younger horse who is starting his competitive career. Both are massaged by Jenny and the effects never cease to amaze me. Jenny keeps a chart for each horse and this allows her to keep track of each treatment. Nothing is overlooked. Furthermore, Jenny is also a very humble person who will not hesitate to recommend other specialists (vet, osteopath, etc) should she feel that a particular horse requires a more specific treatment. She collaborates with many different professionals in order to best help any horse that may have issues requiring more specific care. Jenny has also qualified as a Reiki practitioner and this has been incorporated into her treatments. I am privileged and thrilled that Jenny treats my horses and that I can rely on her expertise in horsemanship and riding to discuss how to continue managing my horses’ health and training.
Nathalie M.

I had the good fortune of meeting Jenny in 2012 after receiving a 'gift-voucher' for a free massage from a friend. Having already been convinced of the benefits of massage on humans, I was overjoyed to be able to test it on horses. For the past 6 years, the results have been convincing and magical with my part-liveries. Following the relaxation of the muscular structure of the hind quarter, a Spanish stallion gained a free flowing stride, a mare that was always highly strung became considerably more relaxed in the stable and under saddle and recently Jenny brought well-being through massage and Reiki to a young, nervous horse. Her work has an effect on several levels (emotional and physical) and this reassures both rider and horse. I can only recommend and be enthusiastic about her wonderful massages.
Sarah H.


Routine: massage helps maintain the body in its optimum condition.
Pre-event: loosens, warms and readies the muscles for the event and also calms excitable horses. This massage can be given 4 to 6 hours before the competition.
Post-event: relieves muscle pain and stiffness by returning the muscles to a normal state faster than if left untreated. Removes the toxins and helps the horse to cool down. This massage can be given up to 48hrs after the competition.
Your horse may show some of the following signs if tension, pain or general discomfort are present:

Holding his head high
Lack of flexion and bend at the poll
Shaking his head and neck
Touchy withers
Cold back
Biting when the girth is tightened
Stiff on one side
Reluctant to canter on one side
Bucking whilst being ridden
Kicking whilst being groomed
Massage does not replace veterinary care. Massage can assist in recovery after veterinary treatment. It is advisable to inform your vet that your horse will be receiving massage therapy.
The first session usually takes about 90 minutes; following sessions normally take 60 minutes.
Some scientific evidence shows that massage can help to relieve symptoms of pain, enhance performance and relax horses. Evaluating the Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy: A Review of the Evidence – M Scott, LA Swenson – Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 2009.
Massage may be used as a warm-up before a competition or as a relaxation afterwards. Generally, the horse does not need time off after a massage.
Each session costs CHF 120

Jenny par son professionnalisme, sa gentillesse et son ecoute nous a permis au fil du temps, soit depuis 7 ans, une fois par mois, d'avoir un magnifique cheval toujours en pleine forme


Several weeks after I had broken my ribs my doctor told me I could expect to continue to experience pain for some months. Luckily I spoke to Jenny who said she could be able to help me. Amazing! After having had only two distance reiki sessions I no longer felt any pain at all. I strongly recommend Jenny's reiki sessions to everybody who has suffered an injury.

Helen B.

J'ai essayé le reiki une fois avec Jenny, j'avais mal au dos et je dois dire que son reiki m'a aidé.

Letizia P.


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